• Circular economy

    Circular economy

    The mission of Ziclos is provide all kinds of services, advice and intermediation relating to Circular Economy.

  • Waste Management

    Waste Management

    Ziclos have the authorization for Hazardous Waste Manager and Non-Hazardous Waste Manager.

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“Sustainability” is a word that is hard to define. Companies define their sustainable goals differently, and often times set long, multi-year targets to achieve their stated goals. Adidas on Thursday unveiled a series of six priorities it hopes to achieve by 2020.

How to produce nearly zero trash in a year
15 Abr


These bloggers treasure taking a sleek, modern approach to reducing waste in their efforts to save the planet – but they face their fair share of criticism, too.

08 Abr

Circular Economy Action Plan “On Track” – Vella

Implementation of the European Commission’s Circular Economy Package in “on track”, according to the European Environment Commissioner, Karmenu Vella – but we may not see a progress report for five years.

01 Abr

Apple Stores to transition from traditional plastic bags to paper in latest environmental move.

Apple looks to be bringing its environmental focus to its retail stores. In a note sent to retail employees and obtained by 9to5Mac Apple has announced that it will be moving away from the iconic plastic drawstring Apple Store bags in favor of new paper bags made out of 80 percent recycled materials.