• ZICLOS. Mission.

    ZICLOS. Mission.

    The mission of Ziclos is to provide all kinds of services, advice and intermediation relating to Circular Economy.

  • ZICLOS. Authorizations.

    ZICLOS. Authorizations.

    Ziclos have the authorization for Hazardous Waste Manager and Non-Hazardous Waste Manager.

  • ZICLOS. Zero waste projects.

    ZICLOS. Zero waste projects.

    You can reduce your waste and you will save money with us.

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Mattress recycling faces market challenges, report warns.

Future mattress recycling capacity in the UK looks set to be hit by a drop in steel prices combined with an increase in the cost of insurance, an unprecedented report into the industry reveals.

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8 companies to watch in the circular economy

The circular economy has quickly moved from theoretical to practical for companies of all sizes.

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Recycling Technology Brings Circular Economy to the Paint Industry

New recycling technology will allow paint to be recycled cost effectively and on a large scale, according to UK design company Seymourpowell, working with Dulux paint-brand owner AkzoNobel and Newlife Paints to create this technology.

29 Jul

UK’s largest autoclave plant to be resurrected

A defunct autoclave plant in Gateshead is to receive a new lease of life from October 2016, following a £2.2 million injection into the facility.