• ZICLOS. Mission.

    ZICLOS. Mission.

    The mission of Ziclos is provide all kinds of services, advice and intermediation relating to Circular Economy.

  • ZICLOS. Authorizations.

    ZICLOS. Authorizations.

    Ziclos have the authorization for Hazardous Waste Manager and Non-Hazardous Waste Manager.

  • ZICLOS. Zero waste projects.

    ZICLOS. Zero waste projects.

    You can reduce your waste and you will save money with us.

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20 May

Updated guidance on the legal definition of waste in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Published jointly by Defra, the Environment Agency, the Welsh Government, Northern Ireland’s Department of the Environment and Natural Resources Wales the guidance can be used to determine if a material is waste or not and whether it is subject to waste handling laws.

Vertical Farming
13 May

10 Green Technologies That Could Help Revolutionize Our Changing Planet.

In an era of drought, climate change and food shortages, environmental pioneers have joined forces to help tackle some of the world’s most pressing issues through technological advancement.

06 May

A rank ’em and spank ’em study on packaging

Twenty-five years after McDonald’s, working with the Environmental Defense Fund, agreed to get rid of foam clamshells for its burger–in what is now called the first corporate environmental partnership–the problem of wasteful, polluting, throwaway packaging is, if not worse than ever, no better.

29 Abr

How a Life Cycle-Driven Business Model Can Increase Sustainable Impact

Interface began using LCA several years ago to evaluate its existing product portfolio, but the company says its use of LCA has evolved to a more proactive assessment of alternatives during the development process, making it a critical tool in helping it achieve its Mission Zero goals.