• ZICLOS. Mission.

    ZICLOS. Mission.

    The mission of Ziclos is to provide all kinds of services, advice and intermediation relating to Circular Economy.

  • ZICLOS. Authorizations.

    ZICLOS. Authorizations.

    Ziclos have the authorization for Hazardous Waste Manager and Non-Hazardous Waste Manager.

  • ZICLOS. Zero waste projects.

    ZICLOS. Zero waste projects.

    You can reduce your waste and you will save money with us.

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23 Sep

Recylex turns in "solid" performance amid challenging conditions

France: The latest trading and financial statement from the Recylex Group reveals that the recycling plants in France and Germany processed a total of 53 000 tonnes of scrap batteries in the first six months of this year - a fall of 19% from the 65 500 tonnes of January-June 2015.

02 Sep

Mixed papers to get further PRN boost in 2017

Just over one third of mixed papers will count as packaging materials in the PRN system after fresh research into the paper grade.

26 Ago

K 2016: plastics pioneers presenting new recycling tech

Germany: Preparations are in full swing for what is described as the world’s No. 1 trade fair for the plastics and rubber industry. The name of the event? K 2016. The location? Düsseldorf, Germany. The show will run from October 19 to 26 and has been ‘booked out’ for months, with reportedly 3100 exhibitors from almost 60 nations signing up to show off their newest products and services across more than 170 000 square metres of exhibition floor space.

19 Ago

Mattress recycling faces market challenges, report warns.

Future mattress recycling capacity in the UK looks set to be hit by a drop in steel prices combined with an increase in the cost of insurance, an unprecedented report into the industry reveals.